RTFNZ Road Transport Cost Comparison Survey

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RTFNZ Road Transport Cost Comparison Survey: the survey will be collecting data for the 2019 financial year end, and will provide individual members with important information about how their financial overheads and returns compare with others in the industry. The survey will again be carried out by The University of Waikato, NZ Institute for Business Research (NZIBR) for Road Transport Forum NZ.

Note: this survey is focused on financial results for road transport operations. If your organisation is unable to separate out the financial results for your road transport operations, please do not register, as unfortunately your data would not be able to be used in this survey.
Registration: to register to participate in the survey please enter your contact details below and select 'Submit'. Your registration will be processed and information for accessing and completing the survey will be emailed to you.
Key Dates: the survey opened 26 August, and the close date for submitting completed questionnaires has now been extended to Friday 1 November 2019.
Questionnaire: the survey questionnaire is online and accessed through your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc.) using your desktop or laptop computer (the survey is not designed for tablets or smartphones). After registering you will receive an email containing your User Name and Password and a link to the survey web page containing the questionnaire.
Reports: Reports were expected to be provided to all participants in December 2019; however, due to a slower flow of submissions, this reporting date is now more likely to be in early 2020. Once published the survey reports will be downloaded from the same web page as the survey questionnaire. You will receive more information on this closer to the reporting date. Please note, in order to qualify to receive the survey report you must participate by providing your firm's data.
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